sound download Maximilian Hecker - Into the Ocean (official MV)


Directed by The Sorrows of Young Werther. 2018.

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➡️ LYRICS »Into the Ocean«, 3rd single of Maximilian Hecker's current album WRETCHED LOVE SONGS:
Tell me, everyone, where the rain will find me · And where you’re gonna wait for me and my love will hide tomorrow · And how much longer you will, will arrest my heart · And one day I will walk into the ocean · Taking all the broken hopes and your screaming silence with me · Oh how much longer will you occupy my heart? So let down rain on me · Let down rain on me · Let down rain on me · I’m a helpless child, a retarded orphan · I’m floating in the sea of your pandemonium of sorrow · Oh tell me, how much longer will you own my heart? And one day I will leave to sail the ocean · Throwing overboard all hopes and my ailing love and myself · Oh tell me, how much longer will you hold my heart?

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