sound download Mad Chapel - Last gunslinger - Live Rock n Roll country Ballad


Mad Chapel Live in summer 2011

the chemnist´s daugther sweeps leaves with a giant broom
a bunch of hair mixes up with the greenery
can you smell it? september air is clean
can you hear it? the words she speaks are mean

All the cars down in the streets make lots of noise
and the river swallows kids and lots of toys
when they swim along, their eyes down to the ground
for only a second, every treasure will be found

it´s just a kind of dream
it´s just a kind of dream
but it´s end´s never been seen

grandpa lies asleep, the watch he wears is broke
I saw him briefly smile, the last time he awoke
when every story´s told about everyone you met
the last gunslinger dies peaceful in his bed

will we dare to speak
will we hold our breath
will we wait silently
or laugh ourselves to death

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